Regulated Information

JSC “Scandinavian House” informs that internet page that is used for information disclosure has been changed.

Issuer’s full name: Joint Stock Company “Scandinavian House”.

Issuer’sshortname: JSC “ScandinavianHouse”.

Issuer’s address: Furmanniy lane 10, bld. 1, Moscow, Russia, 105064

Issuer’s OGRN: 1037701021357

Issuer’sINN: 7701330137

Registeringbodyindividualcode, giventotheissuer: 08255-A

Initialinternetpageaddress, usedforinformationdisclosure by the issuer:

Internet page, used by the company to publish information:

Internetedition “Centerofcorporateinformationdisclosure”

The company provides access to the information on the new internet page since September,1, 2012.